Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The Namakwa Coastal route is a rugged nature experience along the unexplored north-west coast of South Africa's Northern Cape. These shores have remained virtually unknown to the public at large as it is within the restricted and previously forbidden diamond mining areas.

The route runs along the coast from “Groenrivier” mouth until Port Nolloth and is ideal if you are looking for peace, tranquillity and adventure. However many of the roads on the route are not accessible to ordinary saloon cars and more suitable for 4x4.

If coming from the south (Cape Town) the route starts in Namaqua National Park. Basic accommodation and/or camp sites are available all through the route.

On one side, breathtaking scenes of the Atlantic Ocean include occasional sightings of dolphins and whales, while on the other lies the endemic wildlife of the enraptured veld.

North of the Namaqua National Park you will enter the previously restricted Namaqualand Mines area. The valuable mineral treasures hidden within its sands have made these restrictions necessary but diamonds are not the only treasures. This sandveld has been jealously guarded and while still largely unspoilt and crime-free is home to many indigenous plants, animals and insects.

The coastline, with its flowing dunes and mysterious shipwrecks, has been opened to the fortunate few who come in a 4x4 or can participate in organised guided tours.

To book and for further information:

Namaqualand National Park Tel 027 6721948 www.sanparks.org/parks/namaqua/
Coast of Diamonds Tel 027 877 0028 

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