Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Main centres: The route takes the traveller into one of the most interesting and beautiful areas of South Africa’s Northern Cape province and embraces the towns and settlements of KeimoesKanoneilandKenhardtAugrabiesUpington and Marchand.

Region: Where the Kalahari and the Nama-Karoo deserts meet, the Great Gariep River (Orange River) flows, bringing life to the typically arid worlds on both sides, and turning the area into an oasis. It is here that travellers can experience the Quiver Tree Route.

The route is located in an arid zone, with stifling hot summers (up to 45°C) and chilly winter nights. The Great Gariep, known more commonly as the Orange River, winds through the landscape and brings it life. This river was once called "God’s gift to the Southern African thirstland". The greenbelt along the river’s banks contrasts sharply with the rising rocky cliffs. Irrigation schemes have stretched the greenbelt into the desert, making acres of vineyards and other agriculture possible. 

The Quiver Tree Route highlights some of the attractions that can be found along the stretch of the Orange River, including activities, accommodation, restaurants and sightseeing. Ten percent of South Africa’s vineyards are found in the Orange River valley and southern Kalahari.

Things to do on the Quiver Tree Route

Culture and leisure

Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate is a gem waiting to be discovered in the lower Orange River valley of the Northern Cape. The wine and brandy estate prides itself of offering visitors a great cultural experience, specifically with its wines and brandies. Here visitors will find a boutique wine cellar, artisan distillery, stunning wedding venues with professional catering services, and farm-stay accommodation. The Bezalel Wine & Brandy Estate's tasting room offers potential buyers a tasting service, consisting of any four products of your choice.

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