Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

4x4 Adventure

Egerton Trail Travel
Tel 053 831 2659 / 082 493 4756

Nossob 4x4 Route
Tel 012 428 9111

Tel 053 313 1061/2

Namaqua Trail
Tel 027 718 2986

Richtersveld Route
Tel 012 428 9111 Augrabies Park
Tel 054 452 9200
Augrabies Park
Tel 054 452 9200

Tel 054 451 0325 / 082 926 0055

Banksgate Trail
Tel 02062 ask for 1930

De Postjes Trail
Tel 023 741 1839
Kalahari Trail
Tel 054902 ask for Mier 19

Diamond Coast Trail
Tel 027 807 2999

Cobus se Gat Trail
Tel 027 341 2326 / 083 303 5263

Toekoms Trail
Tel 027 341 2201 / 083 338 3048

Riemvasmaak Trails
Tel 054 431 0945

Take rugged mountains, endless flatlands and undulating dunes. Add to this diverse scenery, stunning plantlife and plentiful game and you have a recipe that will please all 4×4 eco-adventurers. Here are a few of the trails you can undertake:

Egerton Trail travels over vast open plains and absorbs the unique rugged beauty of the Northern Cape by exploring 50km of sand, rocky hills and dongas.

Nossob 4×4 Route (Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park) is a circular 200km long trail in the Park offering exhilarating dune driving and scenic views.

Witsand has two routes over dunes and mountains.

Namaqua Trail is probably the longest 4×4 trail in South Africa.

Richtersveld Route (|Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park) Breathtakingly beautiful with a new scene meeting the eye at every turn.

Riemvasmaak Trails cover three routes over approximately 160km of deep sand to steep and very rough tracks, deep dongas and rocky plateaus.

Augrabies Park trail cuts through surrealistic ‘moonscapes’.

Khamkirri has trails of varying difficulty.

Banksgate Trail offers 6 trails varying in distance between 10km and 66km.

De Postjes Trail is a challenging route, preferably for experienced drivers, situated in the Nuweveld Mountains.

Kalahari Trail is in the Mier area.

Diamond Coast Trail on the West Coast explores dunes, shipwrecks and diamond mines.

Cobus se Gat Trail is in the Namakwa District.

Toekoms Trail is in the Namakwa District.