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Gazing into the sky can take on a whole new meaning for a curious traveler, especially if they keep an open mind. Secure your booking and be next in line to experience a stargazing session like no other.

Located just outside of Sutherland – a small town that lies in the western Roggeveld Mountains in the Karoo – is Sterland. A destination arguably worth your while, for adults and children alike!

The sparsely populated location allows for cold air to move freely in the evenings, providing an excellent viewing opportunity of the Milky Way. An incredible sight under a telescopic lens.

Be sure to dress warm enough for the occasion though. Evenings are known to be rather cool. The average minimum temperature is about 3 degrees Celsius over the year, while the maximum is about 20.5. With such low temperatures, the last thing you need is a bit of cold air ruining your experience.

The star gazing sessions are generally about two hours long and include a brief presentation outlining all relevant constellations, stars, planets, and the universe amongst other things. Ideal for anyone that is not well-versed in the subject of astronomy. The presentation is designed to equip visitors with a basic understanding of what they may see under the telescope. Sterland employees may use powerful lasers to point out stars and different constellations, as well as to assist you to find the South with the aid of the Southern Cross and Magellan clouds before physically looking through one of the telescopes.

Other activities and attractions in the area include the South African large telescope, the scenic Skurweberg trail, the Ouberg mountain pass, the Tankwa Karoo national park, an 18-hole golf course, museums and memorials, and more.