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St Cyprian’s Cathedral

The majestic St Cyprian’s Cathedral adorns Du Toitspan Road in Kimberley with the timeless beauty that many a cathedral imbues. This building has the longest nave of any church in South Africa, which is partially illuminated by the hues that emanate through its stained glass windows.

With figures from the Old Testament lining the Dean’s side and those from the New Testament on the Precentor’s side, these richly symbolic windows serve the purpose of not only beautifying the cathedral but of instructing viewers by depicting selected events from the Bible.

Although it has a history of more than a century, this building isn’t the first St Cyprian’s church building in Kimberley. Even in the unruly days of the first diamond diggers’ camps, there were those of the English Church who met together in a tent in 1871 – which was the founding of the Parish of St Cyprian. Later this progressed to meeting in the first St Cyprian’s church building in Market Street, to the iron church building in Jones Street from 1880-1908.

Today’s cathedral is still very much in use. For more information contact the church on Tel 053 833 3437 or visit their website

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