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Spitskop Nature Reserve

This small nature reserve was named after the rocky protrusion that is the Spitskop granite kopppie outside of Upington. As small as it is, this reserve boasts large herds springbuck and other antelope species such as eland, gemsbok and hartebees as well as zebra and many smaller mammals, such as suricate, Squirrel and Mongoose. Reptiles found includes: Tortoise,
Puff Adder and Cape Cobra. The most frequently spotted birds include: Ostrich, Goshawk, Fiscal Shrike and Sandgrouse.

Although not native to Southern Africa, camel roam freely across this park, as they were bred to be used by the police ‘mounties’ who used these beasts to patrol this arid region in the past.

A ten or fifteen minute climb will bring you to the summit of Spitskop Hill where there is a telescope for game viewing and you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere as you gaze over the Kalahari Desert.

This reserve welcomes hikers and cyclists and there is overnight accommodation in the form of chalets, caravan or camping facilities.