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Get soaked in Natural Wonder at Augrabies Falls

Get soaked in Natural Wonder at Augrabies Falls

Get ready to be awestruck by the thunderous roar of Augrabies Falls, a raging natural wonder in the Northern Cape. Gather your loved ones for a summer adventure at one of the greatest waterfalls in the world.

Let the kids stand in awe at the top of the gorge, gazing down 56 meters into the raging Orange River below. Listen to their shrieks of delight as the mist from the falls sprinkles your faces with a refreshing spray. Strike a pose at the scenic viewpoints, snapping family photos against the breathtaking backdrop.

Pack a picnic and dine on local flavors as the setting sun illuminates the falls, putting on a dazzling optical show. Bond over sundowners toasted to Mother Nature’s majesty. Follow hiking trails along the rim of the gorge for different perspectives on this incredible force of nature.

Spot hardy local wildlife like giraffes, klipspringers, and over 200 species of birds that call this oasis home. Let the kids burn off energy exploring secluded swimming holes along the river’s edge. As the stars blaze bright in the night sky, share stories and laughs around a crackling campfire.

Feel humbled yet alive in the presence of the raw, wild spirit of Augrabies Falls. Return home with unforgettable memories and a renewed appreciation for the incredible beauty of the Northern Cape. Come witness the iconic roar of Augrabies Falls on a summer family adventure that will chase away any city blues.