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Have you considered the Northern Cape as a destination for the upcoming Easter holidays?

Think adventure, camping, road-tripping, historical sites and luxury game lodges. You are spoilt for choice when you choose to travel around the Northern Cape. It’s a destination that caters to every need.

Here are five things we suggest you consider including on your itinerary if you are visiting the province this Easter.

Dark sky sanctuary in the Kgalagadi

This one is for the astro-tourists and is a truly unique experience. The !Ae!Hai Kalahari Heritage Parkin the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park was declared a dark sky sanctuary in 2019.

It is one of only a few dark sky sanctuaries in the world. When it gets dark in the park, which is virtually free from pollution, conditions are perfect for astronomers. This is one of the world’s darkest places and best areas for viewing pristine night skies.

(Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)

Watery adventures on the Orange River

Think kayaking, river rafting, canoe trails and the spectacular Augrabies waterfalls. The Orange River, which is also known as the Gariep River, is the longest river in South Africa and runs through the province, providing plenty of opportunities to get in the water, explore and have some amazing adventures.

Discover fossils in Fraserburg

If fossils and dinosaurs are your thing, then this little town in the Karoo is just the place for you. Fraserburg is situated in an area of immense geological importance, particularly for its diverse therapsid fossil fauna (dinosaur remains) in the form of fossil trackways. 

Fraserburg’s fossils have given scientists a glimpse into the environment of the Karoo some 250-million years ago. In 1968 a number of well-preserved fossilised footsteps were discovered, most notable of which is a very well-preserved bradysaurus footprint. Fossilised remains of other pre-dinosaur creatures such as pareiasaurs, dinocephalians and therapsids have also been discovered in the area.

(Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)

Road-tripping to discover the small dorpies (towns) of the Northern Cape

Road-tripping through the magnificent landscape of the Northern Cape can make for an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll discover amazing scenery and meet the friendly and hospitable people who make this province so unique. Along the way you’ll discover many small towns, each with its own distinctive personalities and stories. 

Adventure experiences for the family

Make it a family holiday – we promise there’s enough activities to keep everyone occupied. The Kalahari Red Dune Route is a great way for the entire family to discover some fun activities and experience the outdoors. There are lots of opportunities for children and adults to have fun – there’s duneboarding and game drives, learning more about traditional San activities and tracking animals by following their spoor. 

We guarantee that a holiday in the Northern Cape will leave you wanting to come back again.