Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The strategic direction of the organisation is informed by our five-year strategy as well as our approved annual performance plan.

The annual performance plan, in turn, informs our marketing plans for our leisure and business tourism units, which aim to:

  • Position and brand the Northern Cape as a desirable, authentic and affordable South African destination
  • Deliver volume and value by investing only in:
    • Selected markets for international leisure tourism
    • Selected markets for domestic leisure tourism
    • Selected decision centres for business events
    • Identified events hosted in the province
  • Engage stakeholders and partners to deliver quality visitor experiences
  • Energise and empower the organisation to innovate and achieve excellence
  • Promote transformation through SMME support

Documents of interest

Corporate plan 2017–2021: 

History of the Northern Cape Tourism Authority:

Annual performance plan 2019–2020 

Master plan

Annual reports: