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Colesberg Kemper Museum

A local cultural history museum and a fine example of 19th centaury Karoo architecture, the Kemper Museum was named after its primary benefactor, GL Kemper who donated his collection of artifacts to the Colesberg municipality in 1924 (these now belong to the Colesberg Historical Society). Prior to becoming a museum, the building housed the Colesberg Bank and then Standard Bank.

Today the museum includes among its exhibits a collection of fossils dating back tot when the first reptiles inhabited the Colesberg area, a permanent photographic display of the Karoo Nomads (the ‘donkey cart people’), Anglo Boer War photos and artifacts, a 19th centaury toy collection and an exhibition which allows you to relive Erasmus Jacob’s discovery of “Eureka”, South Africa’s first recorded diamond, found near Hopetown.


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