Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The AfrikaBurn festival has grown over the years and found its place on the calendars of many enthusiasts across South Africa (and the world). It's become a special event at which Burners – as those who attend the festival are known – "converge in an arid, starkly beautiful semi-desert setting to enjoy visual art, music performances and free creative expression".

The event’s culture has now reached a point where part of the experience can be packaged and taken on the road, through the AfrikaBurn: Blank Canvas Express tour.

The Blank Canvas Express tour forms part of AfrikaBurn’s efforts to take the festival’s culture to the people of the Northern Cape by hosting creative engagements, photography exhibitions and short film screenings (one recently took place at the William Humphreys Art Gallery in Kimberley on 20 June).

According to the AfrikaBurn site, "it’s time to get out there and find the friends we’ve yet to meet ... With the support of the National Lotteries Commission South Africa, AfrikaBurn is taking a hop, skip and a jump across five regions in the vast Northern Cape for a Blank Canvas Express tour to engage with artists and cultural practitioners and share the story of AfrikaBurn and to foster the practicing of imagining."

The organisers will be on the road during the cold season, until 18 July 2018. People across this large and sparsely populated province will get to see teams from AfrikaBurn coming through towns big and small to give residents a glimpse of its participant-created movement.

This will be done through a strategic relationship-building process of encouraging participation in AfrikaBurn, which is held annually in the Tankwa Karoo in April/May, where a towering structure is built and raised, only to meet a poetic end on the final day of the festival. The burning of the structure is symbolic of the quintessential cycle of birth, life and death. It happens at a place where all your worries, stress and demands of your existence are "cast" into the fire and reduced to ashes, allowing you to start anew.

Which is why the event organisers feel the need to get out there and share their stories with other enthusiasts, artists and ordinary people who might be interested in this rejuvenating experience of the AfrikaBurn festival.

So get ready to show support for a tour that will leave a blazing trail of hyped-up anticipation for future AfrikaBurn events. Visit the AfrikaBurn: Blank Canvas Express Facebook page to find out more about when the tour will arriving at a town near you. See you there!

Afrika Burn 2
(Image: Afrika Burn)