Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Each spring the dormant arid winter lands come alive with a flamboyant spread of wild flowers including many rare, unique and endangered plants. Adapting to a climate defying all life, they survive and thrive in a beautiful land of blistering extremes.

Track the Old Copper Way and soak yourself in the colourful histories of towns deeply rooted in a proud mining tradition; Ponder the reasoning of treasure seekers of old who were prepared to die for the chance of newfound mineral wealth; Take a raft or canoe trip on the Orange River through deep canyons; Take your 4x4 on an adventure in the haunting moonscapes of the sawtoothed mountains of the |Ai|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park; Enjoy the cultural interaction of the Nama people whilst taking a donkey ride in Eksteenfontein; Experience the wonder of the star-studded night, from the South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland; Wrap yourself in an aura of timeless serenity at a solitary, palm-fringed cathedral in Pella.

The land of the Nama is a land of mystery, magic and contrasts where the indescribable beauty has been molded by an unforgiving climate.