Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The Maloof Money Cup is a premier showcase for amateur and professional skateboarding. The Northern Cape Province hosted this international championship in 2011 and 2012 and will to host the finals again in 2013. The Maloof Money Cup is a long term legacy project covering all aspects of child development and upliftment in the communities being initiated in the form of clinics, national roadshows and the establishment of skate parks on a national level. The Maloof Skateboarding Global Initiative was launched to promote skateboarding as a positive, active lifestyle for youth, contribute to education and build healthy communities. The Northern Cape Provincial Government supports the development of skateboarding as a sporting code and initiatives such as “Skateboarding for Hope” has been implemented to create awareness, identify talent and develop skills in this sport. The development program will include training initiatives by taking youngsters through a rigorous skateboarding training course to establish them as skateboard instructors, create clubs in the 27 municipalities in the Northern Cape and utilize their acquired skills to train up to 400 youths in the skills of skateboarding.