Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The seemingly arid Karoo region quickly transforms itself with the first summer rains into waving fields of grasses with picturesque scenes of grazing sheep and spinning windmills. Visitors are enticed by its distinctive Karoo architecture, impressive churches and desolate valleys between flat-topped koppies (hills). This region offers visitors the traditional warm hospitality of its people combined with superb hunting, hiking and game watching. Take time out to explore the little towns of the Karoo and discover a unique style of architecture. Most of the original town dwellings are simple structures with a prominent covered verandah as protection against the harsh sun. The more elaborate homes have traces of Victorian style, but still maintain a Karoo-like integrity. The usual windmill in the back garden also adds a typical Karoo authenticity to the buildings. Throughout this wonderful part of the great Karoo, you can visit, hunt or hike on game farms and nature reserves teeming with every species of antelope. Here the hardy inhabitants of the Karoo immediately make you feel at home in their beloved countryside.