Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

William Humphrey’s Art Gallery

Situated in the Civic Centre in Kimberley, is a cultural oasis known as the William Humphrey’s Art Gallery – one of the finest gallery’s in South Africa.It displays 247 original drawings and engravings by French, Dutch, Flemish, English and Italian masters including Annibale Carracci, Stefano della Bella, Sir Anthony van Dyk, Sebastian Bourdon and Guercino amongst others.

Other exhibits include works of William Timlin, artist, member of Kimberley’s architectual fraternity and Founder Member of the Art Section of the Kimberley Athenaeum, this man formed part of the fabric of Kimberley’s history. The Timlin Collection on permanent loan from De Beers, together with the gallery’s own collection of his works make this the largest collection of Timlin’s work in South Africa.

Currently the gallery is concentrating on acquiring more South African art works to further diversify its current collection and to reflect the South African artistic landscape more inclusively.

In addition to functioning as a gallery, it is a place of cultural education, offering art workshops (mainly for children), craft workshops for unemployed women, pre-school child stimulation classes, temporary exhibitions, lectures, presentations and concerts. They also have an outreach programme that takes art to children in small towns in the Northern Cape, to expose learners to the world of art.