Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Go on the world"s only guided tour of an operational diamond mine! Have yourself kitted out with real miner's gear - an overall with light reflecting strips, safety boots, hard hat, battery cell with headlamp and your own 'sizamoya' which is an oxygen generating survival pack. Now you are ready to safely tread the womb of mother earth - a plunge of 840 metres - to explore the source of those much wanted, glittering diamonds. You'll rub shoulders with real mineworkers. You'll become one with the rhythm and pulse of the world's oldest diamond mines. You'll taste dust from ancient kimberlite rock and you'll know that you're on the educational experience of a lifetime! today, this diamond rush anthem still applies to the hundreds of hand diamond diggers around Kimberley. These 'knights of the shovel' offer you lasting and exciting experiences of living history in quaint little diggers' villages such as Longlands, Waldeck's Plant, Moonlight Rush, Moonlight Pool, Three Karet Koppie and Last Hope. Learn all about 'the stuff', the 'baby', illicit diamond dealing, local diamond markets, romantic tales and glorious fables behind it all during a guided tour to the alluvial diamond diggings!

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