Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Khoisan Rock Art

Not confined to the limits of a single atr gallery, Khoisan Rockart can be found scattered throughout the Karoo.These engravings left by these nomadic people. Most of the images are found on low ridges of dolerite rock, the black boulder fields are ideal for engraving on. Rock gongs (rocks that make lovely reverberating sounds when hit) can also be found amongst a few sites such as Keurfontein near Vosburg and Thomas’ Farm near Hopetown.

Look under the town information pertaining to the Karoo and you wil find the names of many farms where this ancient art form is found. It may be a little inconvenient to get to many of the sites but you will usually be rewarded by seeing the engravings in completely natural surroundings, which is quite refreshing compared to looking over fences or through glass partitions