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Take rugged mountains, endless flatlands and undulating dunes. Add to this diverse scenery, stunning plantlife and plentiful game and you have a recipe that will please all 4×4 eco-adventurers.
N Cape  Kim Berley Big Hole Tram

The Big Hole

150 years ago, the site of the Big Hole was a featureless, flat-topped hill. When diamonds were discovered, thousands of prospectors, armed with nothing more than picks, shovels and hope, descended…


Like much of South Africa, the Northern Cape offers a myriad of diverse hiking trails, with soul tugging scenery across vast expanses of open desert plains or through mazes of…
Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Experience nature from the saddle of your mountain bike at Khamkirri Adventure Destination, near Augrabies, where you can cycle between the grazing game. You can also do this in Namaqua…
Quad biking

Quad Biking

Powering up sand dunes in the Kalahari as fast as possible, to see how high one can get before zooming down again is one of the many exilirating ways of…