Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Proclaimed a town on 6 June 1892 and named after the Rev J Postma, a Reformed Church founding member whose congregation sought a centre of worship. The town is complemented by a dam surrounded by lush, green vegetation and sparkling fountains.



(Tsantsabane) Archaeological findings indicate that Khoisan mined specularite there from at least AD 700. This mineral, a soft glittering form of haematite, was a highly valued commodity in precolonial times, used as a cosmetic and in ritual. Braai facilities.

Howitzer Gun Civic Centre

Honouring those who lost their lives in WWII.

Postmas Diamond Mine

The old mine is 45m deep, filled with clear water and well-stocked with fish.

Reformed Church & Rev Dirk Postma Statue

A blue dolomite stone building, erected in 1908.

Town information

The Town Clerk Tel 053 313 0343