Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Established as a small-vessel harbour and railway junction in 1854 for the copper-mining industry, Port Nolloth’s narrow, shallow entrance makes it unsuitable for ore carriers. It is, instead, a centre for the small-scale diamond recovery and crayfishing industries, and the only resort on the Diamond Coast.

Dredgers and fishing trawlers etched against sunsets, clean beaches and the occasional antics of seals are made the more pleasant by good line-fishing and fresh crayfish aplenty. Fish and crayfish can be bought from the factory in season. Nama culture can be seen at Lekkersing, inland, north of Port Nolloth.


McDougall’s Bay

A cluster of seaside cottages, houses and camping sites south of Port Nolloth, is a popular boating, fishing and crayfishing spot.


Once the Cape Copper Company’s Officers’ Club. Find out more about the history of the town and its people, the influence of copper and diamonds and the shipwrecks nearby. Tel 027 861 8350/027 851 8865 a/h.

Town information

Richtersveld Tourism Information, P/Bag X113, Port Nolloth 8280 Tel 027 851 1111 www.portnolloth.org.za