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Founded in 1863 as a church centre, the town was named after Sir Philip Wodehouse, Governor of the Cape.


On the south bank of the Orange River at the foot of the Doringberg, it was originally named Prieschap, a Khoisan word meaning ‘place of the lost she-goat’.


Established in 1843 when the presbytery of Graaff-Reinet formed a new congregation for that area. A portion of the farm Driefontein was bought and erven were sold on 19 April 1845 during a…


On the verge of a large pan filled with salty water during the rainy years, Strydenburg (the town of strife) received its doleful name after incessant squabbling over - of…


Named after the farm on which the Vanderkloof Dam is situated, the town was built to house people building the dam. Today it is a flourishing holiday resort. It boasts…

Van Wyksvlei

Established in 1880 and named after a local farmer, Van Wyksvlei lies close to the first, state-funded dam, built in 1882 and still in use.

Victoria West

Established in 1843 and named after Queen Victoria of England. Victoria West marks the beginning of the Diamond Way, lying on the main route from Cape Town to Kimberley. In 1866 diamond…

Three Sisters

This is not actually a town, but a landmark along the N1 where a large refuelling point is situated for travellers. It is also close to the turn-off from the…


Established on the farm Processfontein in 1895, the town was named after Mr J Vos and the Van Rensburg family. More than 22 buildings here are national monuments.


One hundred kilometres east of Carolusberg on the road between Springbok and Pofadder road, Aggeneys (place of water) is a copper, zinc, silver and lead mining community. Set in an…

Alexander Bay

After diamonds were discovered along the west coast in 1925, Alexander Bay was known for its mining activities. The resulting ‘diamond rush’ led to the Diamond Coast rebellion of 1928.

Richtersveld Communities

Eksteenfontein, the settlement in the Richtersveld was named after Ds Peter Eksteen who served the first church congregation in 1945. The town is mostly populated by a group of people…