Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Often described as “the heart of the Diamond Coast”, Noup is a quiet coastal village tucked between Kleinzee and Koingnaas, about 100km west of Springbok and 140km from Alexander Bay.

Peaceful, charming and unspoilt, with its rugged Atlantic coastline giving rise to many shipwreck yarns (and true stories), Noup’s scenic beauty has become a magnet for discerning visitors. It’s regarded as one of the Northern Cape’s best-kept secrets, where you can enjoy utter solitude in a truly beautiful setting.

Accommodation is in a handful of rustic stone, prefabricated and corrugated iron beachside cottages and, though it is small, there are many interesting nooks and crannies to explore in this character-filled seaside village.


Shipwreck Trail and Dune Trail

Noup is the kick-off point for the shipwreck tour of the Diamond Coast, during which you’ll encounter a number of doomed vessels that met their end along this wild stretch of Atlantic Ocean coastline.

The soft sand and rocky outcrops along this guided trail make it ideal for 4x4ing, but you will be accommodated if you would prefer to drive with others.

Head off on this fascinating tour that hugs the coast for about 37km between Kleinzee and Koingnaas, and hear the colourful tales and folklore surrounding wrecks such as the Piratiny and the Border.

Town information

Address: Diamond Coast, Noup Farm, Kleinzee, 8282

Phone: +27 (0)79 877 8859 or +27 (0)83 652 5489

Email: info@noup.co.za

Website: http://noup.co.za/