Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Said to have been named after a Jewish travelling salesman named Lurie or alternatively it could be named after the Loerie bird (Turacu corythaix).


Quiver Tree Forest

One of the world’s largest quiver (Aloe dichotoma) forests, they grow to 4m, store water in their trunks, resist drought indefinitely and live up to 400 years. The Khoisan’s use of their bark for quivers gave them their colloquial name.

Spring Flowers

A myriad of species of spring wild flower display rivals that of neighbouring Namakwa.

Windpump Museum

A unique windpump museum, of which there are only two in the world (the other is in the USA). There is also an interesting museum in the old Baptist Church. Tel 027 662 0016.

Town information

Tourist Information Tel 027 662 1119 / 083 218 4846