Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The Diamond Coast, as the area has become known, holds a beauty and mystique of its own with its cultural diversity and mineral mining. These two towns, and the diamond mines that support them, offer an interesting insight into the lifestyle of the modern miner.


4x4 and Mine Tours

There are different packages on offer that include routes through pristine strandveld, a shipwreck tour, the Buffels River Grace’s Put route and a mine tour showing the workings of a modern alluvial diamond mine. Only for prearranged group bookings.

Kleinzee Museum

An informative museum covering the mine, the natural enviroment and history of mankind in the area.

Kleinzee Nature Reserve

Host to over 100 indigenous plant species.

Seal Colony

A resident colony of more than 450 000 animals on the admiralty is protected by the adjacent mining area.

Town information

Diamond Coast - Forever Namaqualand. Tel 027 8072999 Fax 027 8076915 Email nmtourism@debeersgroup.com http://www.coastofdiamonds.co.za