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In 1845, Garies sprang up on land given to the Dutch Reformed Church by the owner of the farm Goedeverwagting. Originally named after the farm, its present name, a Khoisan word meaning 'couch-grass', was given it by former Cape premier John X Merriman. A flood of visitors descends during the flower season and the Garies Municipal tourist hall stocks everything but the kitchen sink!



(letter stone) A road from Garies leads northwest to the Letterklip formations. It comprises several enormous, megalithic boulders on top of a hill carrying the names of early Namaqualand travellers who, it is claimed, used it as a post office. The combination of these boulders form a very scenic monument.

Rooiberg Hiking Trail

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Spring flowers

Garies is a centre for those setting out to enjoy spring’s show in the Kamiesberg.

Town information

Garies Tourist Information PO Box 5 Springbok 8240 Tel 027 712 8035/6