Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The town was founded in 1848 as a mission station on the farm Backhouse, by the Reverend Isaac Hughes. In 1867, a group of Europeans from Griquatown signed an agreement giving them the right to establish a town.

It was named after General Sir Percy Douglas, Lieutenant Governor of the Cape Colony.

Near the confluence of the Orange River and its main tributary, the Vaal River, Douglas is a thriving, fast-growing town surrounded by a wealth of agricultural and stockfarming ventures fed by two of South Africa’s greatest rivers.


Die Neus

A scenic spot 14km from town, Die Neus is on the confluence of the Orange and Vaal Rivers.

Douglas Wine Cellar

Established in 1968. The cellar produces a wide variety of table and desert wines. Visitors are welcome.


Some 3 000 rock engravings and petroglyphs spread over a large area of glacial pavement in the Riet River bed. Some portray animals, but most are abstract or entoptic designs relating to San religious experience.


Excellent freshwater fishing on the Vaal and river rafting on the Orange River. For guided walks, tel 053 298 2645.

Town information

Information Office Du Plessis Sq Douglas 8730 Tel 053 298 1810