Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Across the world, museums are considered to be informative, interesting and entertaining locations. As more people relocate to major cities, there’s a growing interest in visiting museums in order to reflect on our rich past.

In addition, a museum can be the perfect place to gain new insights and acknowledge how far human beings have evolved over the years.

South Africa’s biggest province, the Northern Cape, is home to the Kimberley Mine Museum, an open-air venue that showcases the Victorian era of the 19th century and the city's diamond-mining history. Situated next to the Big Hole, the Kimberley Mine Museum is an ideal place for historians and tourists alike to learn more about the history of the region, its vibrant culture and the sand-sifting tools used by early mineworkers.

Kimberley is renowned globally as a diamond-mining hub, and the Kimberley Mine Museum sheds more light on this reputation.

The Kimberley story dates back more than 150 years, to when settlers discovered an 83.5-carat rough diamond, triggering the first diamond rush. During the 1870s, fortune seekers worked relentlessly to discover new diamonds and sell minerals for a profit. As a curious tourist, you will find out about the first inhabitants of Kimberley, who mined the area for diamonds.

The Kimberley Mine Museum buildings, monuments and artefacts recreate historical Kimberley by showcasing accurate details of the furniture, art and lifestyle of the late 19th century. Kimberley was not initially a well-planned city, as ad-hoc settlements went up chasing the diamond rush.

The Kimberley Mine Museum was established to honour the miners and citizens who helped build the city, and the country, into one of the biggest diamond exporters in the world. Some of its main tourist attractions include a diggers’ tavern (an old pub that flourished in those early days); a transport hall that displays 19th-century vehicles; and the De Beers Hall, which showcases a display of stones, uncut diamonds and jewellery.

The Kimberley Mine Museum, situated on Tucker Street, is a highly recommended venue with a respected legacy and strong heritage. Visitors from across the world need to explore the area and enjoy the memorable journey.