Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Springbok is the main town of the Nama Khoi Local Municipality and is known as the Flower Capital of Namaqualand. It has an expanding tourism industry, as it serves as a stopover to Namibia.

If you’re planning a road trip around the Northern Cape, we’ve put together a host of activities you can check out in and around Springbok.

Goegap Nature Reserve

Located just 15km outside of Springbok, the Goegap Nature Reserve is home to 45 mammal species, 94 bird species and around 600 different flower species. One of the main attractions is the Hester Malan Wild Flower Garden, perfect for gardening enthusiasts. For those wanting to see all the flora the region has to offer, flower season is usually between late July and October, depending on the arrival of the rainy season. Those with a keen interest in hiking can choose from a variety of trails for all ages and fitness levels.

The popular Geogap Nature Reserve is home to a variety of trails. (Image: WildTrail SA)

Namaqualand Museum

Springbok has a rich mining history, and is home to a Mine Museum and the Blue Mine.

Built in 1929, the local museum was originally the town’s only synagogue and now houses historical artefacts. Visitors who love seeing architecture from bygone eras can also visit the Dutch Reformed Church, built in 1921.

Blue Mine

Beginning operations in 1852, Blue Mine was the original copper mine in Springbok, but is now in disuse. However, the site offers walking tours for visitors. Fun fact: copper oxidises when exposed to oxygen, resulting in the blue tinge of the rocks in the mine

Springbok Namaqualand flowers
Some beautiful wild flowers in Springbok. (Image: South African Tourism )

Namaqua Horse Trails

If horse riding is on your bucket list, be sure to visit the Namaqua Horse Trails. The farm is located just outside Springbok and is run by South African Equestrian Federation-certified instructor and qualified stud manager Ann Barnes and her husband. You can take riding lessons, go on intensive riding courses or enjoy the trail rides. There are full day rides, and weekend trail rides are available for those who really want a longer experience.

We look forward to having you in our beautiful province and hope to see you soon!