Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Floral displays have started making their appearance in the Northern Cape. Due to delayed winter rainfall in some of the province's regions, however, the flower season (August to mid-September) could extend to October this year. 

According to Colleen Rust, a tour guide at the Hantam National Botanical Garden, substantial rainfall in the Nieuwoudtville Shale Renosterveld, Nieuwoudtville-Roggeveld Dolerite Renosterveld and Hantam Succulent Karoo regions only came in July, as opposed to starting in May. 

“Usually rains start in May but this year there was a delay. We had a little bit in June and nice follow-up rainfall in July,” she said.

Rust said the region only had 22mm of rainfall in May, 28mm in June and 100mm in July. She said flowers have started blooming in parts of the region and the full display should blossom in two weeks' time.  

Pink Neevote
(Image: Colin Paterson-Jones)
Brunsvigia bosmaniae blooms in Nieuwoudtville

Unlike the rest of the Northern Cape province, which only has a flower season in springtime, the Hantam National Botanical Garden has another one in autumn too. In autumn the area gets carpeted in pink blooms, thanks to the Brunsvigea bosmaniae flower species. 

Not too far from the botanical garden is the town of Nieuwoudtville. This town also offers unique flower-viewing experiences because of its habitat. It’s often referred to as the “bulb capital of the world” for its large variety of indigenous bulbous plants.

Neevote Flora
(Image: Allan Watt)
When Nieuwoudtville blossoms

For more information on flower-viewing activities in the area contact the Hantam National Botanical Garden on +27 (0)27 218 1200 or email Hantam@sanbi.org.za. View our accommodation section to book your stay in the Northern Cape during the flower season.