Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

With local and international leisure travel back on the cards, it’s time to come say hello to Northern Cape adventures with these incredible specials that make travelling to our province even more irresistible than before.

Whether it’s taking a relaxing meander through your favourite wine farm on the Quiver Tree Route, or a tranquil paddle through the green belt in the Kalahari, you’ll find plenty to boost your spirits and soothe your soul.

In celebration of Tourism Month, the following packages are currently available in the Northern Cape:

Outdoor adventures with Bushwhacked

Half-day river trips:

This special package consists of a half-day trip along the Orange River, paddling through the province’s “green belt”, courtesy of Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventures, which specialises in Orange River rafting excursions. There are no crocodiles, but plenty of birds, water monitors and other riverine life, about which the guides will gladly share interesting information.

No prior paddling experience is required for visitors to enjoy this adventure, as this is a safe and relaxed excursion with guides on site all the time.

Cost: R300 for adults, R275 for under-18s and R250 for under-12s.

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Come and paddle through the province’s green belt. (Image: Bushwhacked Outdoor Adventures)

Weekender-at-camp river trip:

This weekend-long trip is ideal for people looking to get away and indulge in some outdoor adventure. Here, you’ll sit back, relax and enjoy the birdlife on the Orange River.

Visitors will spend the first night of their trip at Fiddlers Creek Campsite, where they’ll be served a scrumptious dinner. The next morning, breakfast will be served before you head to the river put-in point, about 14km from the base camp, where you’ll spend the rest of the day paddling down the river, taking photos and swimming. The same programme will be repeated the next day, with lunch served on the banks of the river.

Cost: R2 300 for adults and under-18s, and R2 000 for under-12s.

Four-day river trip – Fiddlers Creek:

This oasis of a campsite is ideally situated for travellers from South Africa and Namibia. During this trip, campsites will be set up in different locations along the banks of the Orange River, where you’ll camp under the stars each night.

Once visitors arrive at Fiddlers Creek campsite, the lead guide will allocate boats and demonstrate how to pack them – including the safety protocols to be adhered to. Then it’ll be time for a slow paddle to the lunch spot, while guests familiarise themselves with paddling and controlling the canoes. Toilet facilities will be provided during the trip.

Cost: R3 800 for adults, R3 500 for under-18s and R3 300 for under-12s.

For bookings for all of these packages, contact Maudie Bleach at +27 (0)27 761 8953, email info@bushwhacked.co.za or visit: https://bushwhacked.co.za/.

Spend a day at the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve

Family Mountain Biking, Gariep
Enjoy a three-day horse-riding trail in the majestic Karoo. (Image: Northern Cape Authority)

Come and experience the hidden treasures of the arid Karoo landscape at the Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve, where you can enjoy a variety of activities including birdwatching, night game drives, a three-day horse-riding trail, fishing and mountain biking.

Khoisan and Anglo-Boer War walk:

Go on a 2km guided walk in the koppies and learn about the early history of the San and their relationship with nature. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to see exquisite San rock etchings (petroglyphs) and hear about the conflict history between the San and early stock farmers of the area. The South African War (also known as the Anglo-Boer War) also left its mark in the Karoo, and the guide will offer insights into the skirmishes and battles that took place in the area more than 100 years ago.

Included in this full-day tour is breakfast, a two-hour birding drive, a sunset drive for visitors to see magnificent hippos and buffalo, and a three-course dinner, followed by a night drive to spot the “Shy Five” of the African bush.

Cost: R990 per person. For bookings, contact PC Ferreira at +27 (0)82 567 9211, email info@karoogariep.co.za or visit: http://www.karoogariep.co.za/.

Fossil footprint and fossil-hunting tours

This special package is for history lovers and includes a two-hour self-drive on the farm Gansfontein in Fraserburg. On this tour, you will experience the thrill of “walking” with fossils that roamed the Earth some 255-million years ago, including seeing the footprints of the 3m-long Bradysaurus.

Other notable trace fossils visitors can look forward to seeing include impressions of prawn, worm and snail trails. Also included in the tour is a visit to the Old Pastorie Fossil Museum.

Cost: R150 per adult and R75 per child.

About 50km from Fraserburg there is another exciting adventure: a fossil-hunting tour. During this six-hour tour, you will see real fossils in their original habitat and immerse yourself in a real fossil-hunting experience in the Karoo. Please note: visitors doing a self-drive on this tour need vehicles with high ground clearance.

Cost: R350 per adult (minimum of two people) and R100 per child.

For bookings, contact Marthinus at +27 (0)84 873 0098 or email mjkruger99@gmail.com.

Be one with nature at the Dronfield Nature Reserve

This magnificent game farm has much to offer anyone looking for an authentic game experience that’s designed for small groups and families.

Dronfield lies along the N12, 10km outside Kimberley and in close proximity to Kamfers Dam. The reserve boasts a variety of wildlife including birds, eland, gemsbok, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, zebra and kudu.

Specials on offer here include open-vehicle game drives, priced at R180 for adults and R50 for under-10s. There is also a not-to-be-missed EcoKids game drive at R50 per child, or R150 per child accompanied by an adult.

For bookings, contact Jaco Powell at +27 (0)572 0065 or email info@capefox.co.za