Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), as the UN specialized Agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism, is committed to joining forces with the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN System at large and all tourism stakeholders to foster resilience and recovery due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak across the whole tourism value chain. The UNWTO Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge. 

Na-Beat Enterprises, founded by Ulric Roberts and Ronesca Cloete from Concordia in the Namakwa region of the Northern Cape, have submitted a proposal to the UNWTO Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge in the category named: Healing for Prosperity. Their title for the concept is The Festival of Lights Re-imaged Due to COVID-19.  

South Africa is celebrating Freedom Day on 27 April in commemorating the country’s first democratic election in 1994. South Africa has been under a nation-wide lockdown with limited movement to contain the spread of the coronavirus since 27 March 2020.

Na-Beat is partnering with the Northern Cape Tourism Authority (NCTA) to run a 4-day social media campaign from 27-30 April 2020, for all (especially our youth) to celebrate what freedom means to them. We encourage all to celebrate the unique tourism offerings, culture, food, experiences and the landscape through the performing and creative arts.

The collaborating artists will prepare one tutorial video that will be shared on the social media channels of the Na-Beat, the collaborating artists, and NCTA. We invite all from schools, tertiary institutions, community youth groups and the tourism industry to participate. People will be encouraged to apply the lessons learnt from the tutorials and to post their creative expressions on various on-line platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Ulric Roberts explains how the #freedomunderlockdown campaign will be implemented during the week. “We will create a network of participants who are mentored by collective of artists to celebrate their artistic talents and expressions as a means to build their confidence, promote independent thinking and problem solving. Na-Beat is facilitating a virtual connection on Facebook between artist mentors who will post online tutorials for young people and others to unlock and express their talents through dance, drama, music, drumming and any other creative expression in their homes using the #freedomunderlockdown #FreedomDay #NorthernCape #NaBeat”, mentioned Ulric Roberts. 

Ulric’s life is inspired by the arts and has been in the art industry from young age, his journey to become a professional artist has been tough due to the challenge of coming from a rural area. His first opportunity came in 2004 when he participated in Clanwillian Art Project that ignited lot of young artists over the years to enhance the artists talent and was driven by Magnet Theatre Educational Trust until 2018. Thereafter Ulric and Ronesca decided to open Na-Beat in Concordia to mentor young artists from their community. The UWTO opportunity made him to realise he can use his art knowledge to express his talent to the world.

His desired outcome from the submitted proposal to UWTO is to get funding and become part of an active art creatives to unearth the talent in his community and become professional artists in a form of instruments, drums, and performing artists and also to expand Na-Beat network in the Arts industry.

Na-Beat runs a dedicated programme that connects artists and youth to develop and channel their creative energies as an affirming recreational activity, a way of earning an income and sustaining livelihoods. The COVID-19 lockdown, limitations on movement and social interaction challenges them to find new and innovative solutions to connect mentors with young people. It had two planned projects for this year, one in Concordia funded by National Arts Council and the other one in Stanford in the Western Cape, the projects were postponed due to COVID-19.

For media enquiries, please call: Tebogo Velembo on 071 462 3150, email tebogo@experiencenortherncape.com.