Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The purple vygies are blossoming, signalling an end to the Namaqua flower season.

The winter rains the spring flowers depend on to flourish didn’t occur this year, so instead of the floral carpets the province of extremes is known for, there have been only patches of blooms.

Sections along the N7, between Kharkams and Garies and in Kamieskroon, did offer stunning viewing opportunities, as did the mine slopes at Okiep. Skilpad Farm near the Namaqua National Park saw yellow varkiesknol blossoming.

Here are some snaps from around the Namaqualand region ...

Flower Rain
Spotted at the Namaqua Flower Beach Camp. (Image: Namaqua Flower Camps)
S Flower5
Colour-blocking, Namaqua style. (Image: Namaqua Flower Camps)
Bright and pretty. (Image: Namaqua Flower Camps)
Blooms in the Namaqua National Park. (Image: Namaqua National Park)