Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The spring flowers have yet to make their appearance in many areas, so don’t worry if you’ve not yet made arrangements for your visit to the province of extremes.

There’s still ample time for you to take advantage of the accommodation specials on offer and to experience the spectacular beauty of the wild flowers up close.

The province has not had optimum winter rain and is extremely dry. Mornings and some evenings are still very chilly, with temperatures dipping to as low as between 1°C and 4°C.

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Spotted. (Image: Namaqua National Park)

Namaqua National Park tourism manager Elanza van Lente says, “Normally our peak season would have started from the end of next week, but at this stage we don’t know if there will be one or not ... we are not giving up hope.

“There are some flowers starting to bloom at both the Skilpad and the Groenrivier sections [of the Namaqua National Park]. It is mostly some daisies, and here and there you will see pietsnot, vygies, sporrie and sambreeltjie blossoms, but there is no big display of flowers yet.”

There are patches of flowers along the N7 between Kakamas and Garies and in Kamieskroon, according to Van Lente. However, other areas do not have any flowers yet.

“The part of the Caracal Eco Route [heading to] Luiperdskloof Guest Cottage also doesn’t yet have a big display of flowers. There are some blossoms along the front of the park’s entrance gate, just after the entrance gate and on certain areas along the coast,” she says.

For bookings and more information, call the Namaqualand National Park on +27 (0)27 672 1948 or the Namaqua Coastal Route on +27 (0)27 672 1752.