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Many people refer to it as the “donkey museum”, but Upington’s Kalahari-Oranje Museum in Schröder Street is much more than that; it gives one insight into the history of the area through a varied collection of artefacts and furniture.

Museum curator Jolene van Niekerk takes guests through the old church, which forms the main part of the museum, as well as through the former pastorie (parsonage) with its impressive collection of antique furniture, and a third building with an exhibition depicting the traditions of the San people.

To find out more about this historic museum, which was originally built by the Reverend Christiaan Schröder in 1875 as a church and mission station, visit http://www.upington.co.za/kalahari-oranje-museum/.

The Museum Is Located In A Former Church Copy
The museum is located in a historic church, which was built almost 150 years ago. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)
Museum Curator Jolene Van Niekerk
Museum curator Jolene van Niekerk is always ready to welcome visitors and take them on an intimate tour of the historic buildings. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)
San Exhibition At The Museum
Discover an authentic depiction of the San’s way of life at the museum. You’ll learn about the ‡Khomani San, as well as their traditional dancing, storytelling and food. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)

The museum also showcases a ship built with clothes pegs and matchsticks by one of the Upington 26 while in prison. Charged with the crowd killing of a police officer in 1985, 25 of them were found guilty of murder and one of attempted murder. Fourteen of the accused were sentenced to death, but their sentences were overturned on appeal and they were later released as political prisoners.

Ship Built With Washing Pegs And Match Sticks By One Of The Upington 26 While In Prison
A ship built with clothes pegs and matchsticks by one of the Upington 26 prisoners. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)
Statue Of A Donkey Harnessed To A Small Water Wheel As An Ode To The Animal’S Hard Work During The Early Development Of The Area
Outside the Kalahari-Oranje Museum is a bronze statue of a donkey harnessed to a small water pump, as an ode to the animal’s hard work during the early development of the area. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)
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Learn more about South Africa’s history and journey to democracy, including the prominent politicians and activists who contributed to the liberation of our nation. (Image: Northern Cape Tourism Authority)