Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Whether you’re visiting our small coastal towns or exploring the rest of the Northern Cape, there’s plenty to see within our province. The influx of visitors is great for the economy, but it can be detrimental to the environment. Here’s how you can be an eco-conscious tourist over the festive season ...

Choose eco-friendly accommodation

For your next holiday, choose local and lekker getaways with an eco-friendly focus. What does this mean? Green accommodation venues aim to have a lighter impact on the environment. This can mean having recycling bins around the premises, creating composting facilities or using energy-efficient bulbs, among other things. This allows you and your loved ones to lower your overall carbon footprint, even when travelling.

Use water wisely

South Africa is a water-scarce region, so be mindful of the water you use on your trips. Try to take along water in an eco-friendly, reusable container and steer clear of plastic water bottles that are bad for the environment. Whether you’re camping, staying at a hotel or visiting loved ones, use water sparingly and save where you can. Although the Northern Cape is home to the longest river in South Africa, the Orange River, water still remains a precious resource that we need to respect.

Orange River - Northern Cape
The glistening Orange River. (Image: South African Tourism)

Be energy conscious

Save electricity and make sure you switch off lights and plugs when you leave your holiday accommodation. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent any electrical hazards and to limit excess electricity usage. You can also bring your own – or request – energy-efficient bulbs where possible.

Respect the environment

If you can, recycle the items you bring into your accommodation. Try to limit the waste you create, and don’t litter! The amount of plastic we use is harmful to the planet and if possible, try to substitute it for more carbon-neutral materials.

Head outdoors and enjoy a variety of adventures in the Northern Cape. (Image: Karoo Spoor)

Participate in eco-friendly activities

Head outdoors and enjoy a variety of adventures in the Northern Cape. Tourists can hike along trails, go river rafting or hop into a canoe. There are plenty of fun activities like these that are considered less harmful to the environment. Plus, it’ll help contribute to lowering your carbon footprint.

The best part? You can use these helpful tips wherever you are, all year round. We hope to see you visiting our beautiful province soon.