Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The Northern Cape has been home to several prominent apartheid-era Struggle icons.

This year, it is 40 years since Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) founding president and political activist Robert Sobukwe passed away in 1978. He was honoured in his former hometown, Kimberley, with a memorial lecture on 27 February, exactly four decades after his death.

Sobukwe was an integral part of the anti-apartheid movement over several decades.

He dedicated much of his life to fighting oppression and was imprisoned for three years, followed by another six of solitary confinement on Robben Island, after the Sharpeville Massacre in 1960.

Sobukwe was released in 1969, after which he was placed under house arrest in Kimberley. He went on to study law and established his own law firm in 1975, but died of cancer in February 1978.

The 40th anniversary of his death allows South Africans to reflect on the sacrifices that Sobukwe and many others made to pave the way for democracy.

Other political icons who have called the Northern Cape home include South African Native National Congress founder member, intellectual and writer Sol Plaatje; former African National Congress Treasurer Arthur Elias Letele; and former political prisoner Evelina de Bruin.

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