Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

STS Kalahari Game Reserve is 52 500 acres of intensely seductive and pristine Kalahari thirstland wilderness.  Situated 125 miles north of the town of Upington and 12 miles east of the town of Askham and 50 miles from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park on the road to Van Zylsrus in the Northern Cape. It is a dreamland of its own where time is felt in reverse and one long for times gone by.  It is a land of endless rolling red dunes where thousands of wild animals still roam free. The game, scenery and timelessness of this stretch of living desert will profoundly stir the imagination and emotion. STS’s game and bird life are diverse and range from the Small Spotted Genet to Giraffe, Pygmy Falcon to the intimidating Martial Eagle and an impressive breeding Vulture colony.

Contact information

Contact Person Yvonne Koortzen
Alternative Number 0827709940
Fax Number 0866034333
Email Address stswild@lantic.net
Physical Address Colinton Farm Askham 8814
Postal Address Po Box 70 Askham 8814