Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

Dundi Lodge is conveniently situated 3km from the world famous Augrabies Falls (1 of the five biggest waterfalls in the world) in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa and offers the discerning visitor Africa in all its untamed magnificence, along with truly superb standards of hospitality.

Superbly situated close to Augrabies Falls and the best game viewing areas in the region. Our privately owned Game Reserve is only 40km from us. Our Game reserve hugs the banks of a scenic river, the Orange River, and has magnificent views of the overhanging cliffs, where the antics of the resident baboon troop entertain guests.

Guests are assured of exceptional game viewing. Large variety of different antelope can be seen in our game reserve than in any other game reserve in the region. Rare game species includes Aardvark and Aardwolf, Eland, Gemsbok and Black Springbok. Night game drives give the visitor an insight into South African nocturnal wildlife.

The name Dundi:

  • Shibula, a black Rhino was brought back from Lisbon Zoo in 1991 to Augrabies Falls National Park, and our love of black rhinos began. We have followed her progress for the past 15 years - from a tame zoo animal to a wild rhino.
  • In September 1994 her first calf was born, a female named Dundagos, which means “we have achieved” in Nama. She is known as DUNDI for short
  • DUNDI,  the fist calf ever born in captivity was born in the Augrabies Falls National Park.
  • Shibula's return to the wild has truly been successful, and we look forward to many more calves,as her story continues.

Our observations show that black rhino are social, caring and intelligent creatures that do not fit the stereotyped solitary, aggressive animals they are reputed to be. Much as with elephants, family and social relationships are important in the life of black rhino.


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