Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

At the heart of the “Experience Northern Cape” brand is a robust understanding and appreciation of what the Northern Cape stands for, which can then be applied with value and consistency across a broad range of domestic and international tourism stakeholders.

The Northern Cape brand differentiate the destination from other provinces within South Africa (although part of it) to offer a unique visitor experience. The NCTA has developed an all-embracing brand promise which can be applied with equal relevance and consistency across a broad range of audiences and destinations to ensure we all deliver to the brand.

The NCTA has produced brand guidelines to assist in communication of the brand so that all tourism stakeholders and the industry can identify where they fit and how they can use the Northern Cape brand to deliver on the brand proposition. We have developed an extensive corporate brand toolkit which will allow all tourism stakeholders and trade to better coordinate the Northern Cape brand architecture so all can use it with equal relevance. With a single brand promise as well as aligned look-and-feel and tone-of-voice we can all benefit from cumulative brand strength.

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Mark Brand Adventure

Extreme adventure

Adrenaline junkies, adventure-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with activities ranging from rock climbing to white river rafting, 4x4 trails, adventure motor-biking, paragliding and fly-fishing. The landscape is particularly well suited for rugged 4x4 adventure trips with the AisAis/Richtersveld Trasnfrontier Park being a must see destination in this regard.

Mark Brand Nature

Experience nature

The Northern Cape promises to enchant visitors with its incredible natural beauty and variety. It is a celebration of encounters and the exploration of the great outdoors and visitors are invited to experience the magic and mystery that lies at the essence of this uniquely appealing tourism destination.

The province is divided into five regions with six national parks, including two Transfrontier parks crossing into world-famous safari destinations such as Namibia and Botswana, as well as six provincial nature reserves, to of the largest rivers in South Africa and three legendary deserts. Each region will capture the imaginations of those who dare to explore it and its ancient mysteries.

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Real culture

The province's magnifying appeal is steeped it its rich archaeological heritage tracing ancient tribes like San (Bushmen), Nama and Griqua and continues to pay homage to its culturally diverse history. The history of this region is deeply rooted in a proud mining tradition and the Old Copper Way presents visitors with the chance to follow in the footsteps of explorers of yesteryear.

Kimberley is often referred to as the city that sparkles and is both the capitol of the Northern Cape and the heart of the Diamond Fields region. The diamond city was the location for the infamous diamond rush in 1866 and one of the greatest sieges of the Anglo-boer wars.