The mighty Orange River is one of the largest rivers in the country and provides a lifeline for this predominantly arid region. The river creates a virtual oasis along its banks and contributes to the vibrant agricultural community of the region. Ten percent of the country’s vineyards are located in the Upington region, which is also home to the award-winning Orange River Cellars, the second largest co-operative cellar in the world. At the Augrabies Falls National Park, the Orange River is at its most impressive as it thunders its way through a ravine and into a pool walled by sheer granite, creating the world’s sixth largest waterfall. The falls derived their name from the Khoi word meaning ‘place of great noise’ which accurately describes the roar as the falls plummet 56m into the ravine. This arid piece of moonscape-like land, awesome and strikingly beautiful, offers the visitor over 15 000ha of unique riverine ecosystems to explore.