Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

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The Northern Cape Tourism Entity Act, No. 5 of 2008 provided the framework for the establishment of a tourism marketing and promotion entity for the Northern Cape Province and for the management thereof by a Board; to provide for the functioning, financial control and reporting on the activities of the Entity; to provide for the founding of the Entity; to provide for a consultative and provincial tourism forum

The objectives as set out are:

  • To develop and promote a highly sought after Northern Cape tourism brand and destination as unique within South Africa
  • To encourage tourism growth (increased numbers), as well as increased length of stay and expenditure by provincial visitors (inter province) and  domestic (national) visitors to the Northern Cape, through segmented marketing approach
  • To encourage tourism growth by optimizing and increase of international visitor numbers, increased length of stay and expenditure in the Northern Cape through a segmented marketing approach
  • Aligning marketing activities in all sectors of tourism in the Province in collaboration with existing entities;
  • Facilitating the pursuit of transformation and empowerment goals within all sectors of the Province’s tourism industry
  • Fostering relations and entering into agreements with organizations of all kinds, both public and private for the purpose of promoting the objectives of the entity; and
  • Fostering close co-operation between the public and private sectors in the pursuit of tourism growth for the benefit of; all the people of the Province