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Media planning

The Northern Cape Tourism Authority’s marketing team is here to help by offering product and partner organisation its free media planning service. This ensures:

Economy of scale 

By gathering the budget of all destinations, the NCTA can achieve economy of scale with media rates that would not be possible to achieve individually.

Reducing duplication 

Provincial co-ordination of the province and destination allow all to work collaboratively rather than duplicating marketing budgets (having campaigns live at the same time targeting the same consumer)

Maximising destinations share of voice 

From a provincial co-ordination framework, the NCTA will suggest optimal timing for each destination, route, product  or region to avoid duplication of activity, resulting in greater standout and share of voice for each

If you have any questions related to media please get in touch whether or not you have a campaign.

Contact: Dianna Martin GM Marketing and Promotions 

T: +2753 8331434 / email marketing@experiencenortherncape.com

The NCTA can arrange media inductions for those interested. They are 2-3 hour sessions providing a quick overview of all above the line media channels