The town is a settlement on the biggest island in the lower Orange River region. Virtually every inch of soil is under irrigation. Enjoy driving between the many vineyards, a spit-roast, home-baked breads, several traditional desserts and locally produced wines.

The origin of this little oasis’s name is in dispute. Legend has it that Klaas Lukas, a Koranna river-people leader, established a village on the banks of the Orange River near the Tier Mountains. He called the village Keimoes (mouse nest) after the colonies of mice living there.

A more probable origin lies in the Nama words ‘gei’ (great) and ‘mus’ (fountain or eye). Semantics aside, Keimoes is a picturesque little town often described as a lost piece of the Boland.

Town information

Keimoes Municipality
Main Rd, Keimoes 8860.
Tel 054 461 6400
Fax 054 461 6401



Dutch Reformed Mission Church, The

Main Rd. Built by Reverend Schröder in 1889.

Tierberg Nature Reserve

The reserve lies 4km from the town on the road to Augrabies Falls National Park. Teeming with springbok, it covers 160ha and is noted for its many aloes – mostly winter flowering. Spring sees many succulents in full flower. At the summit of the reserve, there is a lookout with a marvellous view across the Orange River Valley.


A reconstructed waterwheel operates on Main Road.

Wine Tasting and Tours

Offered at the Orange River Wine Cellars Co-operative. On the slopes of the Tier Mountain, you will enjoy wonderful views of the river’s islands and irrigation scheme. Tel 054 461 1006.


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