Established in 1843 when the presbytery of Graaff-Reinet formed a new congregation for that area. A portion of the farm Driefontein was bought and erven were sold on 19 April 1845 during a communion gathering. The town was named after the Duke of Richmond from Kent, father-in-law of the Governor of the Cape at that time, Sir Peregrine Maitland.


Anglo-Boer War Graves

At the Deelfontein Station.

De Oude Dak

It was the first house to be built in town in 1846.


The original house of the farm on which the town was founded. It also served as the first church.

Dutch Reformed Church

Built in 1854, it has the highest pulpit in the country.

Fossil Footprints & Bat Cave

60 clear claw-like footprints can be seen, presumably from the Aulacephalodon that lived about 250 million years ago.


Dating from the reign of Queen Victoria. There are only three similar mailboxes in the country.

Market Square Garden

See the old Market Bell, Memorial Needle and Mountain Tortoises brought here to recover from accidents with vehicles.

Old-time Horse Corn-mill

Dating from 1868, it is still in perfect working order.

Pedestrian Bridge

It was originally the Sprigg Bridge when built in 1846.

Saddle Horse Museum

Richmond is home to one of only two of its kind in the world.


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