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The Northern Cape is an ideal meeting destination for those who prefer the unusual. Combine a Northern Cape meeting with a visit to one of the province's transfrontier parks, or with some of the outdoor adventures offered in this fascinating province, such as rafting, fishing or game capture safaris.

Exotic lunar landscapes, unique flora and fauna and intriguing traditional cultures are just some of the fascinating characteristics that make up the Northern Cape meeting destinations.

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Within our towns and cities themselves there is great diversity - in people, cuisine, culture and entertainment - and bordering them we have some of Africa’s most beautiful natural attractions.

With several flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town daily to Kimberley and Upington, its well-maintained road infrastructure and daily rail arrivals makes the Northern Cape easily accessible from all areas from within South Africa and its neighbouring countries Namibia and Botswana.

No other place on earth gives the event planner the ability to readily combine rural and urban and natural wilderness. Our great destinations are just one of the reasons why the Northern Cape should be the natural choice for your next event.

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