Experience the Northern Cape, South Africa

The Northern Cape is an ideal destination for hosting your corporate event. Find out more about how you can organise an inspirational and successful event here.

Corporate Hospitality

Northern Cape and South Africa hosts some of the most prestigious sporting and cultural events in the world, providing a unique and special occasion to entertain your top clients or reward staff.

Sporting Events

The Northern Cape  is the proud host of national and international sporting events held at its iconic venues in Kimberley and throughout the province.

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Cricket and Rugby

During the season Northern Cape hosts its home teams, the Griqwa’s and Griqwa Diamonds’ home matches  whilst they battle for national and international glory. A combination of iconic surroundings and quality dining in a scenic environment is conducive to business meetings with clients or relaxing with friends and family.

Rugby events – Played at the GWK Stadium features Curry Cup, and Super 14 Matches 

Cricket Events – Played at the iconic Oval dating back to the glory days of Barney Barnato features T 20 and One Day International events.

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Other Sporting Events

Barney Barnato Golf
Green Kalahari Caoe Marathon
The prestigious Bloodhound world speed record attempt is scheduled for 2015 and 2016



Cultural Events

A number of key cultural and music events are staged throughout the province with the Kalahari Desert Festival a key event held in March 2014. Celebrating the diverse cultures of not only Southern Africa but sub-Saharan Africa this festival pays homage to the unique San cultural and celebrate with song, dance and pictures.



The Northern Cape is a hotbed of creative talent, whether fashion, music, business or new technology. 

Combine this creativity with excellent state-of-the-art facilities, a strong emphasis on teamwork and an equally strong desire to have fun…and the country has produced some of the most innovative and inspiring teambuilding activities in the world.

Our agencies lead the way in developing new ideas that will help build, unify and inspire your teams to excel in the future.

They can offer hundreds of different teambuilding ideas including adventure pursuits, problem solving, experiential learning, charitable challenges and a host of other great ways to motivate your teams!