You will experience white saltpans, black rock koppies which is known as the Lost city, red sand dunes, dry riverbeds, wide open skies and flat-topped acacia trees that symbolize the Kalahari Red Dune Route.

You will stay in lodges each night, no camping, and have the comfort of proper showers and toilets. You will have a feast each evening provided by our hosts while you just sit back and enjoy the sunset from your deck or from a red dune.

You will experience the Kalahari Meerkat, Vulture Restaurants and lots of birdlife and see lots of Game. You will have the opportunity to feel what the Dead Sea feels like by drifting on the water in the saltpan of 107% salinity.

It is said that no two visits to the Kalahari are the same. This ancient and beautiful land is not only amazingly rich in diversity; it also reflects an endless variety of moods, making each new encounter refreshingly different from the previous.


Contact: Sonja Otto
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: +27 (0)82 579 7595
Website: www.kalaharitrialadventures.com


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Experience the best of the Red Dunes of the Kalahari while you are cycling – but no sand cycling!

Experience and interaction with the Kalahari Meerkats, Ride over big flat salt pans of the Kalahari, experience the milking of the Camels; see The Black rock formation of the Lost City of the Kalahari.

Your accommodation will be at Game Reserves and you will be taken on Game Drives each day.

Enjoy the sundowners on a Red Dune or over a Saltpan each night.  Experience the Vulture Restaurant, the hospitality of the Kalahari people.

You will get the opportunity to swim/drift on the 107% salt water on the saltpan, as well as donkey cart rides (optional extra).

You will have the opportunity to visit the Nama San Museum (optional extra).

Stay in the middle of the Red Sand Dunes, while riding close to the Botswana border; and

Stay on the Namibia / RSA border

TOUR information

Day 1: 73km, elevation 100m
Day 2: 43km, elevation 120m
Day 3: 36km: elevation 190m
Day 4: 44km: elevation 100m
Day 5: 17km elevation 50m
28 April – 1 May 2024

5 May – 11 May 2024

Limited to 16 entries per tour!