Be water wise in the Northern Cape

February 27, 2018  — 
(Image: tiburi)

South Africa is making global headlines for the ongoing drought that has led to severe water restrictions in a number of regions.

As one of the severely affected provinces, the Northern Cape has also implemented measures to cut down on water use, and encourages visitors to join residents in saving water.

The province is known for its starkly arid climate and low rainfall, and thus water conservation needs to be part of everyday life. Everyone can play a role in the drive to help save this precious resource.

Tourism forms an important part of the Northern Cape’s growing economy, with visitors flocking to the annual Namaqualand flower display in spring, and visiting its long, unspoilt coastline and Kimberley’s Big Hole, among many other attractions.

Everyone can play a role in the drive to conserve water.

Everyone can play a role in the drive to conserve water.  (Image: 955169)

Despite the drought, the Northern Cape and other areas affected by water shortages remain open for business and are eager to welcome visitors with open arms. Water is available for all, but visitors are asked to respect the restrictions and adhere to regulations.

As is the case elsewhere in the country and around the globe, water shortages are “the new normal” – but South Africans and visitors can work together to be part of the solution.

How can you help?

Do not let the drought stop you from visiting the Northern Cape, but be part of South Africa’s #WaterWiseTourism initiative.

Save water where you can, notify authorities about leaks or dripping taps, and choose eco-friendly accommodation wherever possible.

#WaterWiseTourism is a collaborative effort that requires all to use water responsibly.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful province soon. Visit our accommodation section to find the ideal place to stay during your visit to the Northern Cape.