Provincial reserves – Experience nature

Akkerendam Nature Reserve

Situated two kilometers outside of Calvinia, this gem of a nature reserve protects the fragile fauna of the Hantam Karoo region, which comprises of succulent Karoo scrub, Mountain Renosterveld and a wide range of bulbous flora. This includes 10 floral species, which are unique to the Hantamsberg (Hantam mountain.

Goegap Nature Reserve

This 7 000 hectare nature reserve, just east of Springbok, supports 600 different indigenous plant species, 45 mammal species and 94 bird species.

The characteristic granite domes and peaks of the region contrast with the sandy plains, where springbuck, gemsbok and Hantam’s Zebra forage.

Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve

Ten kilometres south of Nieuwoudville, the rugged series of deep ravines incised by the Oorlogskloof River offers spectacular scenery with hiking trails traversing gorges, rivers, caves and plateaus. The Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve lies in the transition zone between the fynbos and Karoo biomes.

Rolfontein Nature Reserve

Sixteen kilometres north of Petrusville and bordering on the Vanderkloof dam the Rolfontein Nature reserve is situated in the upper Karoo. The terrain is made up of Karoo plains dotted with dolerite buttes (known as koppies), as well as mountains with wooded kloofs.

Spitskop Nature Reserve

This small nature reserve was named after the rocky protrusion that is the Spitskop granite kopppie outside of Upington. As small as it is, this reserve boasts large herds springbuck and other antelope species such as eland, gemsbok and hartebees as well as zebra and many smaller mammals, such as suricate, Squirrel and Mongoose. Reptiles found includes: Tortoise, Puff Adder and Cape Cobra.

Witsand Nature Reserve

Flowing white dunes, twenty to sixty metres high, are surrounded by copper-red Kalahari sand, Acacia woodland and the
Langberg Mountain range. Home of the famous ‘Brulsand’ or Roaring Sands of the Kalahari, these dunes emit a strange roaring sound when disturbed (by wind, man or animal).