History – Real culture

Historical Figures

The Northern Cape has a history as colourful as the people that inhabit it. From noble characters such as Sol Plaatje and Henrietta Stockdale who have done much to contribute positively towards South African society, to the dominant and infamous Cecil John Rhodes and the likes of Scotty Smith, ‘the Robin Hood of the Kalahari’, who’s story makes for an interesting read, despite his deplorable way of life.

The Anglo Boer War

The major battles of the Western Campaign all took place within 120km of Kimberley, in northern part of the Cape Colony (today’s Northern Cape). Hours after they had declared war, the Boers moved into Natal and the Cape Colony on three fronts.

The Diamond Rush

The frenetic activity, the extraordinary web of pulley cables leading to a six-storey staging platform and the sight of up to 30 000 miners working 3 600 claims over 17ha have faded into the sepia memories of photographic archives. Yet, Kimberley’s many old buildings, museums and one of South Africa’s most important art galleries lend an historic ambience to the city that thrust its way to prominence during the diamond rush.